Welcome to the Swedish Neutron Week 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Swedish Neutron Week 2022 will be held at Vildmarkshotellet in Kolmården 16th – 19th of May 2022. The event is jointly arranged by SNSS, SwedNess, and Linköping University, and is open to everyone who is, or wish to be, part of the Swedish neutron scattering community. Participation in the Neutron Week is an excellent opportunity to get a cross-sectional view of current Swedish activities in the field. The purpose of the Neutron Week is to bring together Swedish neutron users, facilities, industry, and funding agencies, to offer an annual event facilitating networking, cooperation and joint actions between the participants.

The scientific program will include contributions demonstrating the possibilities of neutron scattering for investigating materials in, for example, pharmaceuticals, quantum materials, bio-based materials, engineering, energy technologies, and soft matter. Neutron instrumentation, including the current status of the proposed GISANS instrument at the ESS, will be presented. The capabilities offered by the Swedish large-scale facilities, ESS and MAXIV, will also be highlighted

An Industry Day on 18th of May will be dedicated to industrial applications of neutron techniques. Through success stories delivered by industry representatives, we demonstrate the possibilities that lie in the use of neutron scattering for different industrial sectors. ESS, Vinnova and RISE are represented at the meeting, which will offer opportunities for discussion and networking. SwedNESS PhD students and mentors in the field will be available for discussions on their research and possible applications with an industrial perspective.

The last day of the Neutron Week is an Intra- and Entrepreneurship Day, on May 19th, open to PhD students and PostDocs. It is dedicated to ways of bringing your knowledge outside the boundaries of your scientific field. The day opens with the workshop 'Intrapreneurship in an academic context', providing strategies and tools to navigate and work in strongly multidisciplinary environments. After lunch, entrepreneurs who have turned scientific skills and knowledge into businesses and greater societal benefit will share their views and experiences.

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