The Swedish Neutron Week 2019 consists of two parts, with the Main Program 6-8 May 2019 (FINAL Version) consisting of scientific and technical talks related to a broad scope of science making use of neutron scattering. Here we will also obtain an update on the current status of both ESS and J-PARC neutron sources. Further, we honour the late president of the Swedish Neutron Scattering Society (SNSS) with the Sten Eriksson Memorial Session and enjoy a savoury dinner together in the Teppan-Yaki restaurant at Yasuragi.

The second part 9-10 May 2019 consists of the Nature Masterclass in Scientific writing dedicated to PhD students and young scientists. Note that we have only very limited space for this class and if you wish to participate you will have to "apply" by ticking the box in the registration process. Depending on the demand we might have to make a selection who can participate. Also please observe that there will be an extra fee of 2500 SEK to cover for the 2 additional night och accommodation and food.

NOW AVAILABLE: Program, Full abstract book and List of Participants in one large (58 MB) PDF-file.

Invited Participants

Prof. Shane Kennedy
Deputy Science Director
Prof. Naohito Saito
Dr. Joakim Amorim
Research Programmes Manager
Swedish Foundation for
Strategic Research (SSF)
Prof. Sven Stafström
Director General
Swedish Research Council (VR)
Prof. Ulf O. Karlsson
Linköping University
Dr. Zoë Fisher
Group Leader DEMAX
Dr. Alex Hexemer
Computing Program Lead
Berkeley Labs, ALS
Prof. Poul Nissen
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Aarhus University
Dr. Andrea Taroni
Chief Editor
Nature Physics
Dr. Giulia Pacchioni
Senior Editor
Nature Reviews: Materials
Dr. Stephen Hull
Crystallography Group Leader
ISIS Neutron Source
Dr. Paul Henry
ISIS Neutron Source
Peter Benedek
Materials & Device Engineering Group
ETH Zürich
Prof. Gunnar Svensson
Materials and Environmental Chemistry
Stockholm University
Prof. Sergey Ivanov
Karpov Institute of
Physical Chemistry
Dr. Istaq Ahmed
Volvo Group
Trucks Technology

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